Agreement Of Solidarity

In addition, this agreement includes the creation of a Solidarity Fund within the group, ensuring the full remuneration of all workers working in France during this period of partial activity. It is deducted from two days of “leave” from the management account, one day from the employees and from a contribution from the company. The signing of the agreement took place “in the large conference room of the construction site, adorned with a crucifix and a bust of Lenin, under the rattle of lightning and the roar of television cameras from several countries,” AFP reported. Walesa signed the document with a pen bearing the pope`s effigy. Solidarity was born on 31 August 1980 at the Gdansk shipyard, when the Polish Communist government signed the agreement that allowed its existence. On September 17, 1980, more than twenty free trade union committees merged at the congress into a national organization NSZZ Solidarity. [5] It was officially recorded on November 10, 1980. [10] When the economic crisis became unbearable, the communist government approved an increase in food prices for the summer of 1980. Once again, labour unrest erupted across the country. Workers at the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk finally went on strike in mid-August, caused by the dismissal of Anna Walentynowicz. [4] Under the leadership of electrician Lech Wassa, the workers took control of the shipyard to demand increased labour and civil rights reform, including freedom of expression and religion and the release of political prisoners.

On the third day of the strike, on 16 August 1980, management granted the workers of the Lenin shipyard their wage and labour claims. Lech Wassa and others announced the end of the strike, but the women of the shipyard, Anna Walentynowicz and Alina Pienkowska, turned a strike on bread and butter into a solidarity strike in sympathy with other striking institutions. [5] Anna Walentynowicz was dismissed on 7 August 1980, five months before she left the Gdansk shipyard, for participating in the illegal syndicate. This decision by the management angered the shipyard workers who, on 14 August, staged a strike action to defend Anna Walentynowicz and demand her return. She and Alina Pienkowska turned a strike on bread and butter into a solidarity strike in sympathy for strikes at other companies. Finally, the agreement sets out the framework for adapting the timetable for annual accounts, which takes into account developments in the automotive market. The aim is, while maintaining the summer holiday period for all, to open the possibility for each site to adapt the annual closure period. “This agreement brings us together and prepares our future. It illustrates the quality of social dialogue within our group, which helps protect the health and safety of employees while preserving the sustainability of our company. It shows our ability to move forward together in all situations, with good governance, and it is a strength for our business,” said Xavier Chéreau, EVP Human Resources and Transformation of PSA Group On 31 August, an AFP bulletin wrote “an agreement announced between the authorities and the strike committee in Gdansk, Walesa”.” The 1989 talks between the government and Solidarity`s opposition resulted in an agreement for the 1989 parliamentary elections, the country`s first pluralist election since 1947. At the end of August, a coalition government, led by solidarity, was formed and in December 1990 he was elected President of Poland. On the second anniversary of the agreement, on 31 August 1982, a massive wave of anti-government protests took place throughout Poland.

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