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Kumi Naidoo, Director General of Greenpeace International, summed up the mood: “It sometimes seems that UN countries can`t agree on anything, but nearly 200 countries have come together and reached an agreement. Today, humanity has joined a common cause. The Paris agreement is only a step on a long road, and there are parts that frustrate, that disappoint me, but it is progress. The chord alone will not take us out of the hole we are in, but it makes the sides less steep. The French term Entente Cordiale (most often translated into cordial understanding) comes from a letter to his brother from the British Foreign Minister, Lord Aberdeen, in 1843, in which he spoke of a “cordial and good understanding” between the two nations. This was translated into French as Entente Cordiale and used by Louis Philippe I this year in the French Chamber. [4] Today, when used, it almost always refers to the second Cordial Agreement, that is, the written and partially secret agreement signed on 8 April 1904 in London between the two powers. All these efforts have intensified in the last decisive days. A new draft text was drawn up on Saturday morning. Fabius gathered the delegates and told them to have lunch until it was translated. In the afternoon, they reviewed the text and almost everyone agreed to accept it with small reservations. The last meeting was scheduled for 5:30 p.m. As for the last-minute outage that kept delegates waiting in the lobby for two hours? A question of secondary aspects of the text, including the translation of certain terms and the placement of a comma.

It was corrected, excused, and the cheers could begin. At London Waterloo International as in Paris Gare du Nord, the flags of Great Britain and France were represented with the words “friendly agreement” superimposed on posters. Some French politicians had complained about the name “Waterloo” for the target of trains from Paris because the British terminal was named after the Battle of 1815, in which a British-led alliance defeated Napoleon`s army, and in 1998, French politician Florent Longuepée wrote to British Prime Minister Tony Blair to unsuccessfully ask for a name change. [11] [12] In November 2007, St Pancras International became the new arrival point in London for the Eurostar service. Saturday night was the culmination not only of two weeks of discussions, but also of more than 23 years of international attempts by the United Nations to fight together against this global problem. Since 1992, all governments around the world have committed to taking action to prevent dangerous warming. These efforts have been marked by discord and failure, the refusal of the largest emitters to participate, ineffective agreements and ignored contracts. There was also the absurd informal “informal” in which a small group of delegates from different countries was tasked with addressing a small part of the controversial text, which was often as little as a paragraph at the time. Their task was to remove the so-called “square staples” that refer to areas of disagreement over the text, and they met in small nurseries around the conference center, crouching on the floor in corridors or standing around a smartphone.

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