Seychelles And India Agreement

On Monday, India and Seychelles signed six agreements in key areas, including cybersecurity, and made important decisions on maritime security and defence. Seychelles President Danny Faure also attended a luncheon hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi after bilateral talks. When the narrative was entangled in negative rhetoric, India lost the will to take into account the concerns about the loss of sovereignty that led to a revised agreement. Worse still, when the debate on sovereignty was at the centre of his concerns, he did not focus on the complex nature of relations between India and the Seychelles. In June 2018, at a press conference (before his visit to India), Seychelles President Danny Faure said that the project would not progress and that it would not be discussed during his visit. Once in India, it was reported that talks had taken place and that the two countries agreed to “work together to represent each other`s interests”. But beyond these statements, no progress has been made, which has given weight to Seychelles opposition leader Wavel Ramkalawan that “the assumption agreement is dead.” Trade between India and Seychelles reached only $40 million in 2010-11, with the trade balance strongly favourable to India. [7] Tourism, fishing, oil exploration, communications and information technology, computer training and medicines were identified as areas of economic cooperation between the two countries. [8] [9] India and Seychelles signed a bilateral investment promotion agreement in 2010 and in 2012, during President Pratibha Patil`s visit to Seychelles, India renewed a $50 million credit line and a $25 million grant. [10] [11] Among Indian private companies, the telecommunications group Airtel has a strong presence in Seychelles after buying Telecom Seychelles and participating in the Seychelles East Africa submarine wiring project. [12] Already in 2015, India and Seychelles signed an agreement for the joint development of facilities on Assumption Island, which will be used by both countries.

The Assumption Island is located about 1,100 km southwest of the main island of Mahé, Seychelles. The proposed development was intended to help the Seychelles coastguard patrol, among other things, against piracy, illegal fishing and drug trafficking in the country`s exclusive economic zone (EEZ). No agreement is completely dead, but in terms of domestic policy and public concerns, this project risks being halted until it becomes politically and environmentally viable. High-power competition, pervasive in international relations, poses other challenges.

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