Southern States Tuition Agreement

If you live in one of the 15 participating countries of the SREB. Click here for more information on the NEBHE Tuition Break program, the New England Regional Student Program (RSP): students who enroll in programs under the ACM agreement: Even if you come from one of the nine MSEP participants and plan to visit the college in another MSEP state, reciprocity is not always guaranteed for you. One thing to know is that there are certain programs of study that you need to take to qualify for the reduced rate of study. Not only that, but each participating university has the right to set its own specific requirements for MSEP authorizations (how much is your ACT and/or SAT score?), and each school has the right to limit its participation in MSEP. Curriculums can in any case be beneficial; However, many people think that it is simple and that everyone who applies receives a discounted rate of education – this is not the case. If you change your major degree after admission to the CMA, you will be immediately reclassified as a non-resident student and billed for the non-resident course. Aren`t the studies you want to get available in your state? Is extra-governmental education an obstacle to a major offered at a university in another state? The ACM waiver applies only to the educational institution indicated in the ACM certification letter, the major diploma and the start date. Southern Regional Education Board policy prohibits ACM study declarations with retroactive effect. There is no charge for the ACM exam. After approval, rates and tuition fees in the state are assessed for the duration of its program of study, provided that they participate permanently in the approved ACM program. The Academic Common Market (ACM) is a study awards program that allows selected students to pursue non-national degrees at reduced tuition fees through agreements between states, major schools and universities. The CMA is aimed at first qualified arrivals and first-time transfer students.

The aim of the Common Academic Market is to enable states to share certain university programmes in universities and public institutions in the South. This will be achieved through a cross-border exchange of students towards public tuition fees. The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) coordinates the CMA and this program allows students who are not available in their home countries to study in majors, possibly in non-state universities, who agree to pay the non-governmental part of their teaching. You must be fully admitted (without contingencies) to the graduation program for which you are applying for ACM certification.

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