Uft Curriculum Agreement

After a back-and-forth where UFT threatened to strike, the mayor said Thursday that the city had reached a “program agreement” with the union on how to move forward. My students started the school year with an unfinished learning. How can I expect me to teach my normal curriculum? The UFT did not respond to a request for notice at the time of publication, but de Blasio said the agreement helps clarify how operations will take place inside and outside the classroom. The DOE informed schools that they needed a common, inclusive and digital curriculum in all thematic areas for SY 2020-21. The program must contain a field and order, list what students need to know and do, be adapted to state standards, and provide resources and accompanying materials. (See document: Digital Curriculum and Resource Library) My school does not have a common curriculum on the subject I teach. Are there resources that help me plan and prevent learning gaps for my students? In this context, we worked with the DOE to create learning cards tailored to priority learning standards for ELA and Math K-8 for the months of September to November (following subsequent rates) and for ELA and Math 9-12 and Science and Social Studies K-12 for the entire year. These can help teams plan and help identify and fill gaps in the school`s chosen program. The maps also provide specific support to educators for physical and distance education. Maps for science and social sciences are based on current scale and sequences.

(See learning cards by class) Under the DOE-UFT contract, teachers must receive a curriculum in the basic content. For the 2020/21 school year, the DEE guideline states that these programs must be digitally accessible. If not, discuss a report on operational issues with your chapter leader. In the meantime, the UFT, the Principals` Union and the DOE have collaborated to identify priority learning standards in ELA and mathematics and to create learning cards for K-12 classes in the main content. You will find these resources in the remote teaching area of the UFT site. What digital curriculum does it have? Is there a centralized digital education program needed? Teachers told us that they needed a way to support continuity and consistency of teaching in schools and in mixed teams. Since students will have more than one teacher in a week, it will be essential for everyone to be on the same side. We also wanted to ensure that, regardless of school curricula, everyone has the resources they need to support priority learning and state standards. The city`s new agreement with the teachers` union comes as Governor Andrew Cuomo optimized the standards for the closure of colleges in All New York. The governor announced Thursday that he had lowered the threshold for re-ensibilization of facilities to 5 percent of COVID`s assessment rate, or 100 cases.

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